I am a photographer based out of Philadelphia, PA. My main passion is portraiture and telling stories through images.

I was born and raised in Nicaragua, but I've had the wonderful opportunity of travelling to many countries in Latin America. Photography has been a passion of mine from a very young age and I have been practicing it in a professional setting for a decade now. 

I've taught courses on photography, shot weddings and portraits, traipsed around the desert with a camera in my hand and a kid on my shoulder (see image at left).

I have many hobbies. I enjoy woodworking and pyrography as well as making linoleum prints and digital designs.

Last but not least, my approach to the work I do and the art I create is simple—enjoying what I do and making connections with the people I meet.

If you wish to contact me for work, projects, or even just to share an idea I can be found through the following means:
E-mail: wweaverm@gmail.com

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